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About Me
My credentials internationally and locally:  
Registered Nurse in Moscow, Russia; Munich, Germany; California and Nevada , USA
Engineering Degree from Bauman School of Technology, Moscow, Russia
Regenesis Healer, San Jose CA, USA - teacher John Santos
Vedic Astrologer from American College of Vedic Astrology, Sedona, Arizona
Advanced Hand Analyst, International institute of Hand Analysis, teacher- Richard Unger
Life long relationship with my friend Tarot deck
Life long student of the late David Hawkins M.D. Ph.D who inspired me to pursue the path of a healer.

About Valeria Lane
I am internationally known healer and problem solver by education, personal talents and spiritual experience. I was born in Moscow, Russia and currently reside in Las Vegas, NV USA.  I have been naturally intuitive and sensitive from my earliest memories.  Since this gift was natural to me, I didn’t think anything about it initially, but soon discovered not everyone had this ability and it was sometimes uncomfortable knowing things before they happened without have to say a word to anyone. While I did not know all the details about a person, I could feel their very essence almost instantly.

I lived for 16 years in San Jose, California where I met the great teachers of my life and was able to master my God-given natural talents in a way that allowed me to channel them through available ancient tools.  Years ago a well-known Vedic astrologer told me to get my certificate in astrology, which, I obtained, through the American College of Vedic Astrology in Sedona, Arizona.  My teachers told me I am a natural astrologer who already knew the subject and was now just recalling the knowledge from my subconscious mind. I then had the opportunity to study Hand Analysis with Richard Unger, founder of International Institute of Hand Analysis. I have done over 800 readings since that time and have had very positive feedback from subjects. Some even confessed that it was a life-changing revelation for them.
Always being inquisitive, I began practicing Aikido in Japan Town of San Jose. During this time I experienced the Regenesis Healing Art with my sensei John Santos who corrected my annoying scoliosis. From that miraculous experience I decided to study Regenesis myself, took workshops with John and became a certified Regenesis Practitioner.

One day a personal message became crystal clear to me. My inner intuitive Guru instructed me to leave everything behind and move to Las Vegas to help with the goal of establishing and serving the spiritual community in this great city. My current work is following this path as instructed by the Universe. I am very happy to be here and pleased to be a part of and serving the people of this wonderful spiritual community.

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