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Formless to form
True creativity
Comes from nothingness

The planet at the very last degree weakens the houses it rules, however, at the same time it becomes atma karaka, a quite powerful signification of soul and expression of current lifetime. It is especially important when this planet is yoga karaka.

I have some thoughts of how to approach such seemingly contradiction. Probably, the ancient saying ‘weakness is a hidden strength ‘ could spot the light to it.

People who practice martial arts can understand it well. The idea of Aikido martial arts is to unite with the opponent staying at the same time being detached and peaceful. In other words, the recipient possesses passive receiving female energy Yin that could be linked to the Moon. The opponent represents more expressive, forceful, external energy of Yang or the Mars and the Sun. The recipient absorbs force of Yang and returns it in the same manner without using his own energy. Therefore the more intensive the force of Yang toward Yin, gives a greater chance for Yin to defeat him. Which will ultimately teach him what life is about (love and balance).

Often people who have a planet at 29’ rely more on other peoples help or circumstances rather than their own choices. It can be manifested in both auspicious and inauspicious ways. With a positive influence in the chart, a person can benefit a lot in many ways by being passive. Success may come through meeting the right people at the right time and in general by just having luck and no resistance to push it away.

I would say, to go in harmony with the life force sometimes brings more benefits than attempts to fight it. In case of more negative influence in the chart, a person may become subject to misfortune in the means of the houses’ 29’ planet rules.

However, for people with a positive Mars or Sun in the chart improving the areas of life signified by 29’ planet can become a quest for life purpose and they can reach very positive results at some point. But since atmakaraka is significator of self and self-expression resides so close to the edge of the house, it may not give the person a full inner satisfaction regardless of results.
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