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What is Regenesis TM?

Regenesis TM is a holistic energy healing art developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, CA. The method is based on utilization of cellular response, which promotes healing of specific area of the body. This is done by breathing and variety of other hands-on techniques. Hands gently applied to specific locations and nerve plexi on a fully clothed client.

Regenesis is a Bio-Electro-Magnetic Medicine modality and very specific. The practitioner applies generated energy field to a client, affecting the client's field, which catalyzes the healing process.
Regenesis enhances the effectiveness of traditional medicine treatment such as post surgery recovery, emotional or physical therapies. Regenesis is also preventive method for maintenance of variety body systems such as immune, endocrine, muscle-skeletal, neurological etc.

The Regenesis practitioner acts as a facilitator of the healing process by accelerating the human or animal body ability to heal itself. It functions independently from one's belief system.
It is impossible to exert too much energy; the body only accepts correction, which is needed to create needed balance. The effects of Regenesis session will continue long after the session ends.
Some examples of the uses of REGENESIS TM:

- stress of all kinds
- scoliosis
- back pain: tension, chronic and acute
- multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease
- post surgical recovery
- sport injuries
- arthritis
- diabetes
- cancer
- allergies
- post traumatic disorder, depression, burnout
- sinusitis
- headache
- reproductive system disorders

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