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About Me and Regenesis:
In the year 2003 my scoliosis at lumbar level which I had since I was a child got out of control and I started to experience back pain after some minor activities like gardening, house cleaning etc. It was starting to control my life style and became unbearable to such an active person like myself.

Fortunately, I was doing Aikido martial art in Japan Town of San Jose, CA. My instructor was John Santos who noticed the way my body was compromising scoliosis by posture. He told me: 'I can correct your scoliosis'. Hmm.. 'Long-term'. Hmm..

As a professional Registered Nurse for many years I was absolutely unaware of alternative or holistic approach to heal the body. I was very skeptical back then. I did not know at that time how very lucky I was to encounter the famous John Santos, Regenesis practitioner for decades in San Jose, CA who was trained by the late Robert Rasmussen.

My body did not care about my belief system and suffering was increasing. As a career healthcare professional I deal with chronic pain patients routinely with great compassion and I definitely did not want to become one of them. I made the most important decision in my life and committed to treatments, it took 4 sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours each and I am free of pain as I write it in 2014 and my scoliosis is gone!! It changed my life forever since experiences I had were so profound not just on physical, but also emotional and spiritual planes. I went through the training and became an Advanced Certified Regenesis TM Practitioner in 2006.

** After each Regenesis session very important to take EPSOM SALT bath, 3-5 lbs. for a bath tub for 10-15 min. It will enhance the desirable outcome.

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